COVID-19 - current situation

Reopening timeline for members
Following local councils’ advice for makerspaces, and the recent adjustments to the government social distancing strategy, we are beginning the very first steps to reopening Turning Earth. We will open in stages according to government guidelines, with a ‘take away Turning Earth’ firing service with glazing in operation from Tuesday 16th June, when the government has told us non-essential businesses can reopen. And then, if the transmission rate remains low enough for restrictions to continue to ease, we will reopen Turning Earth as a making space along with other public spaces on 1st July, with social distancing in operation.

We’ll send more information on the plans as we get more clarity from the government.

In the first stage this will enable members to bring in work for firing, to pick up their tools and use their shelf for storage, and to purchase clay or pick up a wheel for hire (please note we are now only hiring these from the Lea Bridge site - please email in advance to enquire).  

For your safety and that of our team, we will be operating a strict one-in-one-out policy. You will need to keep a 2 metre distance while queuing outside and from our team members when inside the building. You must wear a suitable mask while in the building, and wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitiser before entering, which we will supply. It’s important that you don’t touch anyone else’s possessions.

The studios are currently open during these hours:

Tuesday 1-10
Wednesday 10-7
Thursday 12-10
Friday 12-8
Saturday 10-8
Sunday 12-8

Tuesday 10-8
Wednesday 12-8
Thursday 12-10
Friday 12-8
Saturday 10-8
Sunday 12-8

You can book a slot in advance by clicking the booking links at the bottom of the page.

Please note, the 'take away Turning Earth services are open to all active members (including all those that are kindly still full paying, those that are paying a reduction or donation, and those that have asked to continue as an active member with a fee respite due to financial hardship). Memberships that have been frozen will restart as normal on July 1st (subject to following the government timetable).

When will classes restart?
We expect classes to resume in early July, or as soon as the government advice indicates it's safe for us to restore them. These will be modified to accommodate full social distancing measures. Member access times will be altered to enable these to take place.

Professional space
Please note that In Production, our professional co-work studio, is still open for members to use at their discretion, with arrangements in place to enable work from home where possible.

Thanks again for your continued support during this time of crisis, which has been essential to get us through so far. We cannot wait to see you all and get the studios back making.

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