COVID-19 - Tier 4 update

For members making work to sell, after reviewing the response to the November lockdown, we will now be opening *both* studios for limited hours. If you wish to continue making during the lockdown please write to us to register as a member using the studio for work, and we will keep your membership open (all you need to do is to send an email with your name and the sentence “I use the studio for work” and we will add you to the list.) For members using the studio for work the usual contract terms will apply and you will need to give us notice of suspensions.

Initially, opening hours for both studios will be
Tuesday 10-4
Wednesday 2-8
Saturday 10-6 (Closed on Boxing Day, Saturday 26th)  

As a result of changes made earlier in the year, the studios are Covid-secure, with no close contact between members. Please be reminded that to prevent becoming a 'close contact' and spreading the virus, you should at no point come within one metre distance of another person within the studio (or within 2 meters for longer than 15 minutes). Masks should be worn at all times. You can expect regular sanitation and ventilation of the work space; you can do your part by regularly washing your hands.

Please note, the government is now expecting the current situation to last for several months so please do register now if you are working and need to use the studio within the next few months. If we have enough people continuing for work then we may be able to extend the opening hours, similarly if not enough people keep going we may be obliged to close one or both of the studios.

We are now no longer able to run classes under the education exemption. *All classes will pause under Tier 4 restrictions*, and will resume when we go back to Tier 3.

Wheel rental
We have a limited number of wheels available for hire for members who want to continue their full membership but are not able to come in to use the studio. Wheels can be delivered or collected on this Wednesday only and are on a first-come first-served basis so if you are interested, please contact us today.

The survival of our studio is now again at risk as even with the government furlough scheme in place we will be losing large amounts of money every day. This new virus variant means this lockdown is likely to go on beyond the time period we’d planned to weather. Anyone who is able to keep going with their membership or to give a contribution at this time could be instrumental in helping us to survive. If you can continue to support us, we will be deeply grateful.

Christmas ceramics sales

We have had to cancel this year’s Christmas market, and will instead be promoting our makers who sell online on our social media channels under the hashtag #turningearthlockdownmarket. Please follow us on Instagram and support our makers by purchasing your Christmas presents from their online stores.

In Production membership
To further support professional members, In Production membership has reduced in price to £250 per month, with firing fees of £40 per glaze kiln (bisque included). The reduced price will be valid for  December, January and February, with a reduced minimum commitment of two months. Support will be provided to help makers new to studio management pack their kilns and fire them, and to mix glazes (although they will also have access to premixed Turning Earth glazes during this time). We also have a gas kiln, and help on hand to learn to use it. In addition, In Production membership gives makers independent 24-hour unlimited access. Please see the In Production website to learn more about the facilities. Covid Secure measures are in place in the studio and will be made more stringent to reflect use by a greater number of members.

Supporting the studio
The studio would have not survived the second lockdown if it had not been for the support of members throughout the pandemic, many of whom have been exceptionally generous. Please let us express our warmest gratitude for everything our community has done to keep us alive. We love you.

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