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September 1, 2017

Argall Bid

March 1, 2017

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About In Production, Our Professional Incubator At Turning Earth E10

January 31, 2017

Learn more about the In Production studio here:

Our Crowdfunding Video For Turning Earth E10

January 31, 2017

We're opening a second space! Watch our video! Visit the E10 website:

Handmade Happiness - A Video By Turning Earth Members Azem William And Stine Dulong

May 3, 2016

Isn't it sweet? And if you've ever walked into our sale and said 'that seems expensive', now you know why. A lot of work goes into each and every piece. And a lot of love too...

Video made by long-time Turning Earth member, Azem Williams, starring other long-term member, Stine Dulong.

The Labour Party Making Plans To Roll Out Makerspaces

April 8, 2016

Turning Earth's Tallie Maughan with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Liz Corbin, one of the founders of the Institute of Making and the Open Workshop Network
Turning Earth's Tallie Maughan with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Liz Corbin, one of the founders of the Institute of Making and the Open Workshop Network

Today Tallie met Shadow Chancellor John MCDonnell @Building BloQs, the big multidisciplinary makerspace in Enfield. The Labour Party are developing policies that would support the rollout of makerspaces like Turning Earth and BloQs across the UK. We are excited to hear more of their plans.

Also in the picture is Liz Corbin, co-founder of the Open Workshop Network, which aims to connect collaborative workspaces like ours, and get them, well, collaborating.

After Boris Johnson himself visited Building BloQs to announce that he was getting behind the enterprise with a massive £1.4 million cash injection, it seems that politicians are beginning to understand the value that our efficient uses of space can bring. We're excited to see where this movement is going...

Ceramic Art London Is This Weekend!

April 1, 2016

Ali Tomlin, Bowl with Blue Splashes, Thrown Porcelain, H 22cm. Courtesy of Ceramic Art London..jpg

Ceramic Art London, one of the most important international ceramics events of the year, starts this Friday. The event, held at the new Central St Martin's Building in Kings Cross, showcases the work of 88 established and emerging artists especially chosen to represent some of the most exciting work that is currently being made in the UK and across the world. As a Turning Earth member or supporter, I very much encourage you to check it out.

Ceramic Art London is produced through the collaborative efforts of the Craft Potters Association and Ceramic Review magazine. Part high-end ceramics sale, part exhibition, part industry showcase, it's paradise for anyone that loves ceramics.

This year, Turning Earth supporter Ali Tomlin is one of the exhibitors. We love her delicate colouring of porcelain. Akiko Hirai, another personal favourite, will also be there. Her pieces, like Delft paintings, somehow manage to bind the light.  I'm also very much looking forward to seeing the lively little animals of sculptural artist, Charlotte Mary Pack, a Central St Martins graduate from 2013.

And there are talks and films too. One that might interest Turning Earth members is Javier Cuadros' Saturday morning talk on clay mineralogy and geochemistry. We hear he will be presenting a time trip "to the origin of Life and back, with a detour on Mars".  Clayground Collective and London Potters are organising a foraging session by the Thames on Saturday morning, to coincide with the event, so you can learn about the development of ceramics and the history of London. Led by Thames archeologist, Mike Webber, it promises to be fascinating; the beach is apparently the biggest archaeological trench in the country, littered with pot shards.

Ceramic Art London has always been my favourite art event in this city (well, now apart from Turning Earth sales, of course!) Taken there for the first time in 2008, I fell in love with a large wall piece, a ceramic on mesh 'canvas' by the wonderful French artist Olivia Chague. Not having the guts or the cash to buy it at the time (in my mid-twenties and my first job), I ended up following her back to her atelier in the Alps that summer, where I had an unforgettable day seeing where she worked, in a pit in her garden in the warm sun.  I realised that day that I really wanted to learn to make things in ceramics myself. And I also decided I wanted a career promoting other artists (I still feel that Olivia's work should be more widely known). I bought the piece, which cost me about 10 percent of my small graduate annual salary. It felt a bit foolish back then, especially as it waited patiently in storage in London for seven long years until I returned to the UK and had somewhere to put it. The piece is in my kitchen now, and reminds me every day of how much I love ceramics, and the journeys - physical and emotional - that I went through to get Turning Earth open. I imagine many journeys in this craft begin at Ceramic Art London.

If you haven't been before, then I strongly recommend you get your tickets here and go along. It's one of the most inspiring events in the city.


Ceramic Art London: Friday 8, Saturday 9, Sunday 10 April 2016
Venue: Central St Martins, Kings Cross

London Potters contact (for the shore walk): For information on other walks contact Clayground Collective.

Images (from top left): Bowl by Ali Tomlin, monkeys by Charlotte Mary Pack, tea bowls by Akiko Hirai, vase by Elke Sada, installation by Emily Gardin, bowl by Kyra Cane.

Elke Sada, Aythya (Hallstattpiece), 2014, Porcelain and Black, Grogged Clay, handbuilt, Coloured Slips, Partly Glazed. Courtesy of Ceramic Art London. (1).jpg
Emily Gardiner, That Monday Feeling (Group Shot), Variable Glaze Protrusions, Large 23 x 15 cm, Small 16 x 11 cm. Courtesy of Ceramic Art London. (2).jpg