Artur Rummel, IT Manager

Artur is our  Photographer and Technical Director. He manages member contracts and and the other behind-the-scenes systems that keep everything running smoothly.

Artur is also a product photographer and takes pictures on behalf of our members. You can contact him to arrange a shoot at

Artur hails from Estonia, and his mother tongue is Russian. He learned English from computer games and his first words were 'Perfect', 'New Game', 'Score', and 'FAQ'. He began his career in the English speaking world working for Xbox in Estonia, resolving technical issues and subscription problems for the parents of other gamers. He soon graduated to a role at Net-a-Porter in the UK where he worked in customer care. He was relieved to join the creative community of Turning Earth in January 2016 where his technical capabilities and organisational skills are highly prized.

If you have any questions about your contract or payment, he's the man to ask. He's always happy to solve your problems.