Events at Turning Earth Haringey

Ceramics Market 2021/ Out of the Ashes

18/19 Dec Turning Earth Haringey Launch 12-6pm

On the 18/19 December we will hold the inaugural Christmas Ceramics Market at the new Turning Earth Haringey. 

The market will explore the theme of creativity within times of crisis, while our makers reflect on the changes to our lives and making practices that the disruption of the pandemic brought with it.

The pandemic has impacted our making practices in many ways: while some have had more time to reflect and to make, others have been thrown into childcare and had little time for themselves at all. Wheel throwers have tried handbuilding techniques when their studios were shuttered, while some other makers have turned to the kitchen cupboards to find tools to experiment with when they couldn't leave their homes.

And many, many ceramics lovers have been unable to see work in person - to examine or touch it, let alone meet the maker - as shopping moved online.

So, with a great hurrah, we are happy to announce that we will be holding a real-life, in person event at the new studio, on the last weekend before Christmas. 

Turning Earth Haringey was our team’s creation in crisis, the lemonade we made from the various lemons we received over the course of three lockdowns. The pandemic (despite the bone crushing exhaustion that came with constantly shifting our operations in response to changing government policies) woke us up to how much we love what we do, illuminating the importance of local community, and of spaces like ours. We survived, and we grew, and now we want to celebrate with you!

As always with our markets there'll also be live music and street food and mulled wine to buy. Come and make a day of it!