Strictly Come Dancing Visits Turning Earth

October 14, 2015

To say that Turning Earth teacher Tessa Barrett was excited when she heard that Anita and Gleb from the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing would be coming to the studio would be a bit of an understatement. Tessa, who is also a dancer in her other life, is a real fan of the show, and she had a great time taking the two stars for a spin.

As Tessa pointed out on the day, dancing and throwing are quite similar skills. You have to stay centred, have good coordination, know how to be focused and relaxed at the same time, etc etc. As a professional dancer, Gleb, it turns out, was naturally good at it (though we have to say not quite as good as he looked on the show - television editing is a wonderful thing).

Although we too love to turn the studio into one big dance floor - we do it with enthusiasm when we hold our member parties - we have never seen Turning Earth looking quite so glamorous as it did with them in it.

-- Tallie

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 17.41.28.png

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