In Production, the professional accelerator from Turning Earth

In Production is a shared professional studio space created by Turning Earth as part of our mission to promote ceramics talent within London. Accommodating 25 makers at a time, we  recruit a mutually supportive group of some of the most talented makers London has to offer. The studio is designed for a mix of users: makers launching a professional career and wanting to learn studio skills in a safe environment before striking out on their own, professional artists who want an affordable long term work place, and advanced hobbyists who want to fire and glaze independently. Whatever your reason for joining, we to do what we can to enable you to develop. We are very proud of our  track record of launching the careers of some of the UK's most exciting designer makers.

In Production moved to a new, light-filled 2,600 sq ft site at Unit 14, Building 8 Argall Avenue (around the corner from the Turning Earth centre at 11 Argall Avenue) in May 2019.

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