Arch 403 Cremer St

In September 2020, with the generous support of our landlord Transport for London, we opened a new teaching studio at Arch 403 Cremer St (just over the road from Hoxton station) to enable us to offer fully socially distanced classes. Now all our Hoxton classes (but one on Monday evenings) take place in the Cremer St arch, which has room for full 2 meter social distancing.

Arch 403 Cremer St
London E2 8HD
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Collecting finished pots
We advise you to wait 2 weeks after your final lesson before you come back to collect your finished pots. The studio is open for collection at specific times only:
- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7-9.30pm
- Saturday:  11-1.30 pm and 3-5.30 pm
- Sunday: 11-1.30 pm