Crowdfunder member benefits

If you purchase a class or membership before 1st September you will benefit from early-bird prices, and receive crowdfunder gifts.

Members who sign up before 1st September will be given a Turning Earth apron, and be invited to a figurine making workshop, in advance of the pit-firing that will take place on our opening night.

During the launch party on Friday 7th October, we will follow an ancient rite and ceremonially place the kiln gods in the fire to launch the new space. All our crowdfunder members and students will be invited to attend.

What membership includes

Membership includes up to 15 hours a week open studio, use of equipment, tools, and glazes, up to30 litres per month of standard temperature firing, and your own storage shelf (45cmx45xmx90cm). The only additional thing you have to buy is clay, which we sell on-site at bulk prices. Our friendly technicians will help answer any questions that you may have.

No prior experience required! We do recommend that you have completed a ceramics course somewhere. If you want to start without any experience we can set you up with private tuition (not included in membership).

Contract prices

Membership contract prices are listed below.

Please note that pay monthly contracts are valid for one year, whatever the length of the contract you take on.
Your special crowdfunder price will be valid for the minimum term of your contract (whether 2 months, 6 months or 1 year), and to receive it you must start your contract within 60 days of our opening on 15th September.

Pay monthly contract

2-month commitment

Sign up

Pay monthly contract

6-month commitment

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Pay monthly contract

12-month commitment

Sign up

Pay upfront prices

Upfront memberships don't require a committed contract. If you pay upfront we are able to offer a lower membership price

1 month pay upfront

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3 month pay upfront
equivalent to £202 per month

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6 month pay upfront

equivalent to £190 per month

Please email
to arrange payment

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12 month pay upfront

(equivalent to £175 per month)

Please email
to arrange payment

Prices include use of equipment, tools, and glazes, and standard temperature firing up to 30 litres. Clay is sold separately.

shot of Turning Earth Haringey, before work began

View of part of the space before work began