Student FAQ

Can I book more than one place? I want to go on a course with a friend?

You are able to book a maximum of 2 places at a time. Just add them to your shopping basket during the checkout process.

Is it possible to pay the course fee in instalments?


When do the next courses go online?

New courses usually go on sale 1 month before they start and are advertised a few weeks before. You can sign up to our newsletter to be notified when a batch of new courses is about to be released.

I completed one course and would like to continue. Can I reserve a place on the next course?

When the next course goes online, you will receive an email from our team so you will be able to book a spot then.

I’ve booked a place on a course, but can no longer make it. Can I get a refund?

Once a place has been booked, the fees are non-refundable. However, if we are still able to sell your place to another student before the course starts, we’ll be happy to swap your place over and refund your fees. We’ll do our best, though you’ll understand we can’t make any promises.

I missed one class. Can I do an extra lesson to catch up?

On most courses, you should be able to catch up in your next lesson. The first few and last few lessons are the most crucial lessons as that’s when you’ll learn how to get started and when you’ll finish your projects. It is important not to miss these. It is not possible to catch up on a class or sit in on a lesson on a different course. To make sure that you make the most of your course, it is very important that you make sure that you can make all the class dates before you sign up to a course.

I can’t finish my course for an unexpected reason. Can I have a refund for missed classes?

Unfortunately, once a course is started, we are not able to issue refunds or move you to a different course. This is because we are not able to resell your space anymore and therefore cover our costs.

Can I fire things I made at another course or somewhere else?

Unfortunately, we can’t fire anything that has been made outside the studio as our firing schedule is already tight with the work of our members and classes.

What can I make during my course?

You can expect to make simple shapes to start with but then you are going to have a lot of freedom to do whatever you prefer. However, please note that we have a limitation of one plate per student. If you want to make your own dinner set, a studio membership will be more suitable.

I finished my course. When can I collect my finished pots?

You should wait at least 2 weeks after your last lesson before coming to collect your class pots. Please note that you won’t receive an email from our team when your work will be ready to collect. You’ll have to collect your work within two months of ending your course. Our studios are busy with a continuous stream of new students and we do not have the space to store your pots for any longer than that.

If you did your course at our Hoxton Cremer Street location: You can collect your pots at specific times only. You’ll find details on our class sign up page. We have separate page for classes in Haringey, Leyton and Hoxton. You can pick up your pots during the regular studio opening hours.

Please remember to bring bags, boxes and/or wrapping material with you to carry your work home as we won’t be able to provide any.

How long is each lesson?

A lesson is 3-hour long and that includes half an hour of cleaning at the end of each lesson. Cleaning and clay processing (re-wedging and recycling) are an essential part of pottery-life and all students are expected to take part and do their bit.

Are tools and materials included in the course fees?

Tools and materials are not included in the course fee. You can opt in to purchase a basic toolkit when you book your course. The 8-piece kits cost £5 and contain all the basic tools you’ll need. If you already have your own tools, you can bring those instead. Clay is not included in the course fees. There is a charge of £5 per kg for all the pots you make and wish to fire. You’ll only pay for the pots you select to be fired so you can practice your skills to your heart’s content and choose which creations you want to send to the kilns to be immortalized.

What do I need to bring to the class?

You’ll need to bring your own apron to the class and make sure it is clean. Dirty aprons are notorious dust spreaders which is a danger to yourself as well as your fellow students. We recommend choosing non-natural fabrics as they tend to trap clay dust more easily.We advise you to wear sensible clothing and shoes as pottery can get quite messy!

Can I buy a course as a present for someone else?

Yes, you can. However, you are going to have to choose a specific course for them as we currently don’t have open vouchers. You can reserve a space for them through our website and just leave their details at the checkout.

How much work can I expect to make on a course?

The main objective of our courses is to teach you how to make ceramics well and help you practise and develop your technique, rather than to make as many pots as possible. We do rather see our students take home a few pieces they’re really proud of and that show off their development in skills, than producing as much as possible.

How many finished pieces you can expect to take home depends entirely on the individual’s skills and artistic vision. While some students enjoy the process and speed that can be achieved with throwing on the wheel, others enjoy the meditative process of making detailed and sculptural work.

Our twelve week courses are our most popular courses as they offer a great balance between learning technique and getting your practice in. Our shorter courses (with exception of our Intensive Courses) are condensed and you’ll have less time to get practising and making than you’ll have on a full 12 week course.

Can I bring my own clay or glazes to my class?

You can not bring your own clay, glazes or other ceramic materials to our classes. If you are keen to experiment with other clays or glazes, we recommend joining our studios as a member which will give you the opportunity to experiment more. Note that it is not possible to use Terracotta or other Earthenware in any of our studios.

I am mostly interested in learning wheel throwing. Can I spend the whole course on the wheel?

Our courses are designed to teach all students hand-building as well as wheel-throwing techniques. Most lessons will have the group of students split in two with half of the group working on the wheel while the other half of the group work on their hand-building projects, and then swap around so that everyone gets a fair chance at practicing all the technique. We do have throwing-only courses for students who wish to learn wheel-throwing only. Look out for those in the course listings.

I have no previous experience in pottery. Which courses are best suited for me?

All our courses, with the exception of those advertised as ‘intermediate’ are suitable for students of all levels. You don’t need any previous experience of ceramics to join the course and get stuck in. We do get many students who do our courses more than once - while they have the basic skills, they use the course to refine their technique and get some more practice under the guidance of a teacher. And of course there is the social aspect of being part of a group and learning together.

What previous experience do I need to join an intermediate course?

Our intermediate throwing course is aimed at potters who are confident at all the basic throwing techniques such as wedging, centering, making cylinders, making bowls and trimming as these techniques will not be covered in the course. The course focuses on advanced techniques such as throwing larger pieces, lidded jars, teapots, throwing off the hump etc.

Can I come in early or stay behind after my class to get some extra practice in?

It is not possible to use our studio or equipment outside your scheduled class hours so students can not start early or stay late. Students should not be in the classrooms without the supervision of the teacher, so if you arrive before the teacher, please wait outside, or if you’re in a studio which has a kitchen area, you are welcome to wait there until your teacher arrives for class.Our studios do offer memberships, so if you are keen to keep your practice going outside your classes, you can purchase a membership which will give you access to use our studio for up to 15 hours a week.

Can I bring a friend/child/pet with me to wait for me while I’m having my lesson?

It is not possible to bring pets or another person with you.

Can you recommend some useful resources for students?

YouTube is a fantastic resource for videos about practically any pottery topic you can think of. It is great for 'how-to' videos about basic techniques such as centering, trimming and throwing basic shapes. Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook is also a perfect staple for the beginner potter's library. If asked, your teacher will be able to give you more links and recommendations during your course.